I can accomplish anything with commitment and perseverance.

I can accomplish anything with commitment and perseverance.

I regularly remind myself of the range of my accomplishments. I give the same value to both small and large achievements. Whether small or large, any success is always preceded by commitment to the task and staying with it until it is done.


If I feel uninspired, I take a moment to reflect on my past successes. I am reminded of my strength. I realize how powerful I am. I know that my strength can help me to do even greater things in the future.

All I need to do is to commit and persevere.

Whenever I come upon a challenge in a task, I imagine my joy at the outcome and this helps me to commit and persevere until I achieve success once again.

When I feel overwhelmed, I allow myself to cry. Crying allows me to release the negative energy that is holding me back. After my tears are gone, I feel renewed and ready to continue along the path to another accomplishment.

I feel invincible and deserving of the greatness that lies ahead.

Today, I believe that I can accomplish anything through commitment and perseverance. I see every obstacle as a chance to show what else is up my sleeve. I surprise myself with each attribute I display. I am driven to succeed because I know I can.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I give up easily when I encounter a challenge?
  2. How can I encourage myself to remain committed to a task and persevere to a successful end?
  3. What can I do to encourage my loved ones to keep trying?
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