I can balance satisfying my needs with the needs of others.

I can balance satisfying my needs with the needs of others.

I love my role as a friend and confidant to others and I take it seriously. I treasure my ability to connect with others and fulfill their needs.


I am a wonderful friend. I take pride in maintaining the confidence of those who trust me. I spend a significant amount of time catering to their needs. It gives me great pleasure.

I am readily available when someone needs my help. But I am careful to balance that with my own needs. I realize that I can only help others when I give myself enough attention, too.

My children often need my help with resolving conflicts. I know I can help them if I spend time practicing and perfecting my conflict resolution skills.

At times I am pulled in different directions. But I am careful to take the path where I can offer the most support.

I view every need as important. I realize I can be most effective when I prioritize everyone’s needs. I spend time nurturing my relationships. I ensure that others know I am willing to offer my assistance.

Today, I continue to practice balancing my own needs with the needs of others.

I accept my role as a helper and draw strength from that responsibility. I know I am specially created to offer my kindness and support. I embrace opportunities to assist others.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I handle friends who resent my inability to help at a specific time?
  2. When do I spend time working on my coping skills?
  3. In what ways do I handle stress when I am pulled in many directions to offer help?
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