I can focus better when I get adequate rest.

I can focus better when I get adequate rest.

I am more confident in my mental abilities when I give my body and mind enough rest. Solutions to challenges come more easily to me, too, when I take enough down time to keep my mind sharp.

My mind can grasp more concepts and ideas when it is fresh and rested. My brain can also create and produce more readily when its cells have had the chance to regenerate and revive.

I am at the top of my game when I am well rested.

I know how easy it is to get caught up in life’s daily routines, and think that maybe I can cut into my sleep time a bit to get more things done. But I am conscious enough to know that my mind and body still need that rest if I want them to give me peak performance.

During the day, if I feel tense or weary, I can rejuvenate myself in other ways besides closing my eyes and sleeping.

Simply taking my mind off stressful situations can give me the kind of relaxation that results in clarity. I make it a point each day to spend ten minutes thinking about absolutely nothing.

Today, I commit to keeping my mind sharp. I know that once I allow myself to get adequate rest, my power to focus on any issue at hand can outshine even the best!

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Is it difficult for me to rest when I have the responsibility of taking care of young children?
  2. Have there been situations when my suitability for a job has been questioned due to my lack of focus?
  3. How can I ensure I get rest on extremely taxing days?
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