I can recover and gain strength from my grief

I can recover and gain strength from my grief

Although, at times, I may feel that grief overpowers me, I realize now that I can do whatever I choose with my grief. I no longer allow it to consume me. The power to manage these emotions is in my hands.

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Because I recognize my place in the grieving process, I see that I can recover from grief. Although in the past, grief has seemed overwhelming and ceaseless, I know now that it does have an end.

Grief results from experiencing loss, so I know that striving to accept losses throughout my life can help me to better deal with grief. Plus, I have the support of my friends and family members to help me persevere.

I allow myself to experience the grief. Feeling such emotions is normal. I know that they are necessary to work through the process. Yet I focus on my ongoing recovery from the feelings of loss. This ensures that I stay on track to gather strength for my future.

As my recovery progresses, my strength develops. Moving through the pain of grief builds momentum. From this momentum, strength is born.

Working my way through the grief brings renewed joy and purpose to my life.

Today, I feel ready to embrace my grief and take a step toward recovery. I plan to write down my experiences with the grief and recovery processes in my journal to increase my self-understanding.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I truly allow myself to experience my grief rather than simply avoid it?
  2. How can I work to accept the reality that I will experience losses throughout my life?
  3. How can writing down my experiences with grief help me overcome it?
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