I can resolve personal conflicts peacefully.

I can resolve personal conflicts peacefully.

When trouble comes my way I can peacefully resolve the issue.


I grab hold of the positive energy that swirls around me and I use it to help resolve any conflicts that arise in my life. Resolving conflicts quickly with a peaceful nature helps to protect and heal my mind and spirit.

I let go of fear, frustration and resentment. I embrace peaceful conflict resolution because it is what is right.

I am able to emotionally detach myself from tense situations and I look at the conflict objectively. I feel empowered and serene when I view my conflicts in a mature way and deal with them peacefully.

My positive energy helps me to face my conflicts with confidence. I am a strong person and a peaceful warrior for serenity.

Today I will let go of negative emotions and face conflicts fearlessly. I will embrace my abilities to remain calm and solve my problems in a peaceful manner. I will resolve my conflicts and enjoy the serenity that surrounds me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I have any personal conflicts in my life right now that I can resolve peacefully?
  2. How can I detach my emotions from my conflicts?
  3. Have I let go of fear and resentments?
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