I choose my friends wisely

I choose my friends wisely

I practice being friendly toward everyone I know. People feel accepted and loved by me because I universally embrace them with warmth. Although I associate with many people, I put a lot of consideration into who I allow to get close.
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The individuals I call my friends are people I can trust. They live their lives with integrity. My friends have standards and moral beliefs similar to my own. I do not expect perfection from my friends, but rather a sincere effort to live according to what they feel is right.

I choose my friends based on intangible qualities about their character that draw me to them. A person’s character says much more about them than their outward appearance.

I use caution when associating myself with others because of what those affiliations say about me.

I may associate with all types of people, but I only open my heart to those with similar values as my own.

I choose my friends wisely because they have more influence over me than I realize. Using discretion when choosing my friendships prevents me from turning my back my values. I trust that my friends are influencing me for the better.

Keeping a distant relationship with people I view as negative influences is easy for me. I am free from the pressure to become close with someone just to be polite.

Today, I choose to respect myself enough to raise the bar on my friendships. I draw closer to the positive people in my life and put distance between myself and negative influences.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What does my close group of friends say about me?
  2. Do I see myself changing for the better with the friends I have now?
  3. Have I chosen my friends based on qualities that matter to me?
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