I choose to cooperate.

I choose to cooperate.

Cooperating with others enhances my life in so many ways. Difficult tasks are made easy when more people pitch in and they can be completed in just a fraction of the time.


When I cooperate, I learn something new about sharing a task with others. And I model altruistic and effective behavior when I choose to work well with others.

Sometimes working as a team is required. Other times, it is simply advantageous.

Although I value my own strengths, talents, and independent nature, I do everything I can to get along with others and complete tasks as a team member.

An important aspect of cooperating is withholding my negative feedback. Although there may come a time to share, the power in cooperating with others is bringing a project to a successful conclusion.

I find that positive feedback is more effective at pulling everyone together to get the job done, so I focus on positivity in the team.

Cooperation also extends to my personal and family relationships. When I do my best to facilitate cooperation with each other, it promotes harmony and strengthens our bonds.

Today, I understand how cooperation is a choice rather than a requirement. My past experiences show me how well things can turn out when I work together with others, so I choose to cooperate.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How well do I cooperate with others?
  2. Do I see how cooperating is a choice?
  3. When I cooperate, how do I feel? How does my cooperation impact others?
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