I choose to eat only enough food to sustain me

I choose to eat only enough food to sustain me

A focus on conscious living helps me to stay in contact with how I feel in relation to my appetite.

If I am thirsty, I drink. If I am hungry, I eat. Eating slowly prevents me from consuming too much food.

I eat only the amount it takes for me to feel satisfied.

Setting aside a proper time and place to eat also helps me to avoid overeating. At mealtime, I make a plate of food and try to relax at the table. Taking my time and chewing carefully ensures that I eat only the amount of food that my body needs at the time.

How I set up my meals largely determine whether I over-eat. Therefore, I am consistent about my mealtimes, snack very little, and choose small portions of healthy foods.

I eat slowly and savor each mouthful. I find that when I take the time to really enjoy the flavors, I can feel satisfied even when I eat less. Eating slowly also gives my body time to send signals to my brain that I have eaten enough so I can feel full with less food.

Today, I vow to eat only enough food to sustain me while still thoroughly enjoying my meals. My goal is to stave off hunger without overeating.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I overeat? If so, under what circumstances?
  2. How can I organize my life to encourage me to eat consciously?
  3. What would help me be more aware of my portion sizes at mealtime?
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