I choose to remain steady.

I choose to remain steady.

Life is full of surprises. I choose to remain calm. Whatever circumstances arise, I keep working towards my goals.


I accept the obstacles that emerge and seek to develop new solutions.

A peaceful mind makes it easier for me to think creatively.

I am confident in my ability to persevere. I can face adversity and use it as a learning opportunity. Challenging situations are inevitable. More importantly, demanding events often contribute the most to my growth so I welcome them and the benefits they bring.

While some events are beyond my control, I focus on the things I can manage. Proper preparation helps me to live a more orderly life.

The positive attitudes I cultivate in quiet times stand ready to assist me when the going gets tougher. I face issues head on in order to resolve them promptly. I keep myself healthy and resilient.

Great achievements take time and effort. I value the ability to be patient.

I get better with practice. Being disciplined and consistent brings me closer to getting what I want out of life.

Today, I resolve to peacefully adapt to changing situations. I take whatever comes my way and use it to become happier and more content. I give myself credit for every hurdle I cross, and I prepare for future challenges by living a purposeful life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Have I created a plan of action for addressing potential obstacles?
  2. What practices enrich my peace of mind?
  3. Am I consistent in striving to achieve my life goals?
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