I confidently express myself to others

I confidently express myself to others

Being able to effectively say what I want others to understand is important to me. Throughout life, I reflect on how I feel and what I think, then I express those feelings and thoughts with confidence.
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I see a connection between my self-esteem and my ability to share how I feel with conviction and courage.

I also recognize that as I improve my communication skills, my capacity to confidently express myself increases.

There is a certain amount of pride in knowing that I speak with a sense of security. I know my own mind and I share it when I want with whomever I want to share it with. I feel contented about my ability to clearly state my thoughts.

I practice my communication skills as often as possible. Whenever I am involved in an exchange with others, I look them in the eyes. I listen well and then take a moment to gather my thoughts so I can feel self-assured about my response.

Today, I intend to polish my skills related to communicating with others. I know that the more effectively I communicate, the more confidence I feel.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I really feel about how I express myself to others?
  2. Do I listen to others and think before I speak so that I share my thoughts effectively?
  3. What can I do to increase my feelings of confidence when I communicate with others?
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