I deserve and accept love.

I deserve and accept love.

I deserve love. I accept love in my life and can see love all around me. It is natural for me to feel loved. I love others and they love me.


I know that I am a good person. I am deserving of the admiration and affection of those in my life. I am accepting of all the positive feelings that come my way. People admire and respect me. I feel loved at all times.

I am thrilled by the number of people that give me love every day. I am fortunate to receive so much admiration. Love comes to me quickly and naturally.

I am a love magnet.

The more I love, the more love is returned to me. I am worthy of great love and deserve to be loved completely and fully. I attract loving and beautiful people into my life. My greatest gift is all the love I receive daily.

I find that love comes to me easily. I deserve to have good people in my life. I am blessed to be on the receiving end of so much love. Love is a constant part of my life.

I see love everywhere.

Today, I joyfully realize how loved I really am and I am grateful for so much love in my life. I know that I deserve this love and accept it now.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Who loves me?
  2. What are my most endearing qualities?
  3. Can I let love into my life every day?
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