I do more than my share for the sake of the team

I do more than my share for the sake of the team

I do more than my share for the sake of the team because I am a team player. Being part of a team means I must place my own interests aside to seek the best interests of the team.

I take pleasure in participating in a team where I get to exchange ideas with others and work toward a goal together.

I check my pride at the door because teamwork is all about the team, not about me.

Rock climber pulling partner to top of rock

In my mind, I am determined to do whatever it takes to make the goal of the team a reality. I bring my talents and skills to the table for the benefit of the team.

There may be people on my team who lack enthusiasm, but I try my best to promote a positive attitude leading by example. Even when someone else is the official leader of the team, I inspire other team members by demonstrating passion in the details of my work.

It is irrelevant to me who is in charge or how much work my teammates are completing. My only concern is to do all that I can to the best of my abilities. Concerning myself with the work of others is a distraction to the overall success of the team.

Today, I focus on doing the best I can for the sake of the team. I refrain from comparing my efforts to the efforts of others because the thing that ultimately matters most is the team.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can my enthusiasm inspire my team?
  2. What talents do I have that can benefit my team?
  3. Is my attitude helpful or harmful to the team?
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