I ease my fears through the power of preparation

I ease my fears through the power of preparation

I conquer anxiety by adequately preparing myself for the task at hand. I invest time preparing in advance for situations because I am committed to succeed. The better I prepare myself, the more confident I feel about my ability to come out on top.

Fear is the result of uncertainty.

When I take time to get myself ready for a situation, I empower myself against the crippling effects of fear.

Preparation is the shield that protects me from the darts of self-doubt. When I know I have sufficiently prepared myself, I can rise above the questions in my mind about my potential. No matter what life throws at me, I can conquer by always being prepared.

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My optimism is fueled by the knowledge that I have studied various scenarios in my head and considered a variety of possibilities. By preparing, I equip myself to respond to any type of situation.

Fear is unable to attack my mind because my mind is filled with knowledge. By planning, I prevent myself from being caught off guard. Even if something new were to arise, my level of preparation enables me to make informed decisions in the heat of the moment.

Whether it is a presentation at work or a discussion with a loved one, preparation increases my level of confidence. Not only do I prepare myself, I plan ahead to anticipate changes. Through preparation, I have the power to eradicate fear.

Today, I choose to prepare diligently for what is ahead of me in order to boost my level of confidence and ease my fears.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When can I spend time today preparing for an upcoming task?
  2. Why should I plan?
  3. How is preparation like a shield?
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