I eat nutritiously to fuel my body

I eat nutritiously to fuel my body

Luckily, I have complete control over what I consume. Although eating is a behavior I must do for the sake of my health, I find myself feeling thankful that only I decide what to eat today. And I take that power seriously.

I consider my body to be a temple, so I make it a point to take care of it. I get proper rest, drink plenty of water, and eat food that easily converts to fuel.

The best way for me to ensure I have enough energy to get me through the day is to consume a diet chock full of the nutrients necessary to live an active lifestyle.
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My physical strength is also determined by the types of foods I eat. I include plenty of proteins and fiber in my meals to help keep me strong.

I recognize that there’s a direct connection between the nutrients in my foods and how good I feel physically and emotionally on any given day.

For this reason, I engage in an ongoing study of nutrition to ensure I feed my body in the best ways possible.

Today, I am committed to eating the most nutritious foods available. I celebrate all my body can do when I fully enable it with healthy foods.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How are my eating habits? Do I focus on eating mostly foods with high nutritional value?
  2. How can I cut down on processed and pre-prepared food items?
  3. What groceries can I buy at the store this week to increase healthy foods in my diet?
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