I endeavor to be adventurous.

I endeavor to be adventurous.

I have many tasks to accomplish in an average day. Taking care of myself, my home, family, and career are no doubt my life priorities. Even though my life is exceptionally full of things to do, I make time to discover new people, places, things, and activities.


I strive for adventure every single day.

For me, being adventurous means that I am willing to seek new experiences. Being open to doing something new enriches my life in so many ways. Life presents to me endless possibilities and I am thrilled to discover the novelty in them.

The more adventures I experience, the more adventures I pursue. My zeal for life drastically increases when I look for new and daring enterprises.

I accept the unknown aspects of my adventures with an open mind. I embrace the feelings of surprise, joy and exhilaration that accompany my adventures.

Sometimes, I find adventure when attending my child’s sports event. I introduce myself and find new acquaintances. I occasionally join a new club or group to expand my horizons. I like to expose myself to new activities and people.

Today, I notice every opportunity for an adventure and happily look forward to the new experiences that are coming my way. I live my life to the fullest extent possible and finding adventure is an enriching aspect of it.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I notice new possibilities for adventure? How do I respond?
  2. How do I feel about meeting people, going new places, and taking part in new activities?
  3. What activity would be an exciting adventure for me? When can I schedule this?
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