I enjoy healthy weight loss

I enjoy healthy weight loss

My weight loss is occurring at a healthy and consistent pace through dietary and lifestyle changes. Every pound I shave off my body is gone forever because I have a plan to not only take the weight off, but to keep it off.

I am taking weight loss one pound at a time in order to make permanent changes to my lifestyle. More than simply decreasing a number, I am interested in transforming my habits for a better life.

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Driving my desire for weight loss is a sincere love and respect for myself. I value the gift of life I have been given by my Creator and I am ready to live my best life. By getting in shape, I increase my energy and activity level, thus getting more out of life.

Losing weight is about me becoming a healthier person, rather than pleasing others.

I lose weight because I want to be in good physical shape, not because I want others to accept me.

Because I love myself, I am cautious about the methods I use for weight loss. I stay away from fad diets, starving, and other unhealthy weight loss methods. I consult my physician regularly to discuss my weight loss progress.

Losing weight is easy for me when I have fun. This is why I choose entertaining methods for weight loss. I stay active by attending classes that are upbeat and easy to follow. I eat healthy by trying out recipes that are as tasty as they are high in nutritional value.

Today, I choose to evaluate my weight loss plan to ensure it is safe and fun for me to follow. I make permanent changes to my eating habits and activity level to enjoy long-term benefits.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What delicious new recipe can I try this week?
  2. Why is it best to lose weight at a slow and steady pace?
  3. How can I make my weight loss plan more enjoyable?
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