I exercise self-control in my speech

I exercise self-control in my speech

My speech is soft, slow, and sprinkled with love. I take time to formulate my responses so as to speak my mind in a way that will be well received. Because the purpose of speaking is to be heard, I refrain from talking until I have something important to share.

Incessant speaking makes the listener lose interest; therefore, I measure my words with care. When I have nothing left to say, I refrain from purposelessly rambling on and on. Instead, I ask questions and get to know the other person.

Not only do I manage the amount I speak, I also pay attention to the content of my speech. I adhere to the rule that if I have nothing nice to say, I say nothing at all.

Man covering mouth

Whatever I keep to myself is still within my control, and whatever words I utter, I am conscious of their effect.

With my words, I can encourage people or tear them down. Every time I open my mouth, the choice is mine.

Speaking the first thing that comes to mind without regard to outcome would be foolish of me. Just as actions have consequences, words have a powerful effect on others.

Before I speak, I think about what I am about to say. I ask myself what effect that statement can have on others. I contemplate whether the statement is going to produce anger or peace.

Today, I choose to exercise self-control over my speech. When I feel myself wanting to explode with a harsh remark, I count to ten and evaluate the long term effects of my words.

Self-Reflection Questions

  • Do I talk too much?
  • Are people happy to listen to me?
  • Why is it necessary to think before I speak?
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