I express my needs and feelings.

I express my needs and feelings.

I find it easy to be open and let others know what I am feeling inside. I understand that I can only get my needs fulfilled by letting them be known. I am strong and confident enough to express myself openly.


I express my feelings freely. Doing so makes me feel better and allows others to trust me. My openness inspires others to be freer and open too.

My willingness to be expressive is a sign of my self-confidence and comfort. In challenging situations, I might be more comfortable with being guarded and evasive. When that happens, I quickly realize that the solution is to take a deep breath and let others know what I am thinking and feeling.

My family and I are closer when I am open and honest. I enjoy setting a good example for my children. My children feel more comfortable being open when I am open as well.

Expressing myself gets easier every day.

As I become more comfortable with communicating my needs and feelings, I know I am growing as a person. I am so excited by the changes I see in myself.

Today, I am an open book. I express my needs and feelings with confidence and encourage others to be open with me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What needs do I have that I have been unwilling to share?
  2. Are there any difficult conversations I need to have?
  3. How can I be even more open with my feelings?
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