I face the day with anticipation and interest.

I face the day with anticipation and interest.

I sometimes wonder what this day has in store for me. Each morning fills me with excitement and interest about what might transpire that day.


Life is fascinating. It is a collection of days like today and I reach out to every opportunity the day offers as if it is a precious gem. Each day is like a treasure chest that I open with anticipation.

When I am at work, I have options to be involved in special projects and meet new people. In my neighborhood, many friends and neighbors reach out to me. The people I stumble upon are interesting and I look forward to enjoying further contacts with them.

I focus on staying open to new happenings at home, too. When my child speaks of a new interest, I listen and ask questions. My partner might relay a news story that we can discuss.

Today, I intend to renew my efforts to stay interested in whatever happens. I know that when I take an interest and have things to look forward to, my life is more fulfilling.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I think about my day in the mornings and generate some interest about what might happen?
  2. What excites me about my days?
  3. What changes can I make in my life to encourage me to be more invested in each day?
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