I face the facts.

I face the facts.

The truth remains the same regardless of my wishes for things to be different. I make progress when I accept my current conditions, rather than trying to evade them.


I recognize that denial is often the first response to feeling uncomfortable. When I am willing to look at situations differently, it opens up the door to growth. Looking at things from multiple angles expands my vision. I appreciate the complexity of nurturing a close friendship or running a successful business.

Challenging my assumptions strengthens my decision making.

I examine my beliefs to see if they are valid.

Monitoring my blind spots is important. My past history and emotions influence how I interpret current events in my life. There may be simple solutions within my reach. I see them when I open my eyes wider.

Talking with others enables me to draw on their wisdom and strengths. My loved ones may see things that I miss. Even strangers give me valuable insights.

Training myself to think more realistically offers great rewards. I reduce stress and enjoy more peace of mind. I see the positive aspects of my life and feel grateful. I spot the potential hardships that may lie ahead and develop plans for coping with them.

Today I know that the truth sets me free. My thinking is positive, realistic, and hopeful.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I discover my personal blind spots?
  2. What three words best describe how I feel when I accept things as they are?
  3. Who can I talk with about a situation that I want to view more constructively?
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