I feel the love of my extended family

I feel the love of my extended family

I am blessed to have family that’s alive and present in my life. While there are many people going through life alone, I have the privilege of knowing my family and getting to spend time with them.


I accept the members of my extended family as they are because I want to be accepted just the way I am, too. By treating them the way I want to be treated, I set our relationship up for success. Instead of constantly wishing my family acted differently, I look for the qualities in them which I love and cherish.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, I forgive my family members so I can live with a clear conscience, free from bitterness.

I let go of past hurts because dwelling on them creates obstacles to future joy.

I refrain from judging my family and acting harshly toward them. When I focus on the good things they have done, I see them differently.

I can receive their love when I stop remembering their mistakes and choose to remind myself of moments when they showed me their love.

No matter how my family acts, dresses, speaks, or what they believe, I love them because they are my family. I accept the love they offer me in whatever way they’re able to show it, without regard to the past.

Today, I choose to look for ways in which to reconnect with my extended family members. I put our differences aside in order to create an environment where love can grow.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Which of my family members do I need to connect with today?
  2. How can I increase my contact with my extended family?
  3. Why is it best to let go of past hurts and hold on to positive memories?
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