I fully embrace challenges at work.

I fully embrace challenges at work.

Each day, I declare that I love my work. When I see the faces of my co-workers, I feel a sense of teamwork and belonging. Most importantly, I am ready for the challenges my work brings to my life each day, confident that my co-workers and I are up to any task.


I recognize the positive outcomes afforded to me because I engage in challenging work. I engage in problem-solving, which makes my mind strong.

Each day, I am diligent and organized in my efforts on the job. The pride I feel from accomplishing my career goals is mine and mine alone. My efforts to trudge through the toughest parts of my work day are my badges of honor.

I want to show myself that I can conquer even the most trying challenges in the workplace.

When I see that a co-worker needs guidance or a listening ear, I provide it. On occasion, my supervisor seeks me out to assign an additional task to my overloaded schedule. I accept the task with openness, interest, and a genuine sense of responsibility. Embracing challenges at work makes me a better person.

Today, my plan is to pay attention to how I face any challenges during my work day. It is important that I maintain a positive attitude and an effective effort toward accomplishing difficult tasks.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are my reactions when I experience challenges at my job?
  2. Do I have a role model that successfully addresses challenges at work? What are my observations about how that person deals with challenges?
  3. How would I like to behave whenever I am met with a vexing issue in the work place?
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