I genuinely express my feelings to my partner

I genuinely express my feelings to my partner

I know it is important to my partner that I share how I am feeling. A relationship is more intimate and special when two people each know how the other one feels. I am so lucky to have this relationship and I do everything I can to preserve it.

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Showing and telling my real feelings to my partner is integral to building and maintaining a love relationship.

However, I realize that my honest expression is part of what makes the relationship so close and special, so I strive for openness.

Sometimes it feels difficult for me to talk about what is on my mind or in my heart. But I cherish my relationship, so I work on this. I understand that I have a responsibility to meet this requirement of a close, caring relationship.

In order to genuinely express my feelings to my partner, I have to be able to clearly identify my emotions, whether they are pleasant or painful. Whatever the feeling, I talk about it with as much clarity as I can.

I have a responsibility to my partner to honestly express my emotions. For us to have a healthy relationship, my partner needs to know my hopes, fears, and other important thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

Today, I plan to renew my efforts to be open and honest with my partner about how I feel. My relationship is paramount in my life. I intend to express my feelings with the love of my life to enhance our relationship and increase the intimacy we share.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Why is it so important for me to express honest feelings to my partner?
  2. Do I take every opportunity to tell my partner how I feel?
  3. How can I ensure that I express myself in ways my partner can hear and understand?
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