I give my friends the space they need

I give my friends the space they need

I understand that maintaining healthy friendships means giving my friends the space they need to lead their lives without interference. While I adore my friends dearly, I refrain from consuming most of their time.
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If two people are together most of the day, the relationship can become monotonous. Too much time with each other can also become quite annoying. Both my loved ones and I have lives to lead. Our friendships are supplemental to our lives, rather than solely determining our contentment.

Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. Desperately needing to spend every hour together would constitute an unhealthy attachment. My loved ones and I need to cultivate interests outside of our relationship. Therefore, I ensure that my friendships are healthy by making certain that my friends have enough time for themselves.

Of course, I do make adequate time to spend with my friends. We chat on the phone a couple of times per week. We may also meet for lunch or coffee several times a month.

Keeping my friendships easygoing allows our reunions to feel joyful, rather than obligatory.

And these relationships are the ones I most like to keep.

Today, I give my friends the space they need. I also implement boundaries that allow me to retain the privacy that’s crucial to my wellbeing.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I invade the space of my friends to fill a void in my personal life?
  2. How often do I interact with my closest friend?
  3. Do I perceive this level of interaction to be healthy?
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