I have all the time I need

I have all the time I need

I am relaxed and peaceful in each moment. I apply myself steadily to my goals because I am confident that my dreams are attainable.

I trust that I have all the resources necessary to realize my highest aspirations.

Perhaps most importantly, I know that I have all the time I need.
Man holding clock
Like most people, I do keep an eye on the clock. I know that some things take a certain amount of time, so I allot enough time for each task when I work out my schedule for any given day. Consistently, I find my estimates to be accurate.

Life can sometimes feel so busy. There are relationships that need tending, a home to care for, and personal pursuits that call to me. I must work, sleep, and ensure that I and my family get enough exercise and eat healthy, balanced meals.

However, I have my priorities straight. I know what I need to do most at any given time and I believe that everything else can wait.

Again and again, I rediscover that most of the requirements of my life can be rearranged infinitely, until eventually I get to all of them. Even so, I regularly enjoy the satisfaction of completing all of the tasks on my to-do list.

Today, I am able to make headway toward my dreams. I tackle tasks large and small, knowing that I have all the time I need to get them done.

Self-Reflection Questions

  • What are some of my core beliefs about time?
  • Has anything life-threatening ever happened because I ran out of time?
  • If not, couldn’t it be said that I do have all the time I need?
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