I have charisma.

I have charisma.

Knowing my positive attributes is important. I am more likely to live a fulfilling existence if I am in touch with my character traits that could be helpful to me. One of the character traits that I am proud of is charisma.


My charisma draws others toward me. I see that some people naturally gravitate to me and it makes me feel confident and self-assured.

Throughout the day, I experience situations when my personal appeal shows.

I keep my eyes wide open to notice how I can affect others in positive ways. When they are naturally drawn to me, they are more open to my help. Since helping others makes me feel good, too, my charisma brings about many win-win situations.

Having charisma also ensures I am a competent leader. At work, I take the lead in work projects. Co-workers trust my word and seem to enjoy working with me. They look up to me.

In my neighborhood, others respect my opinions. Their respect boosts my spirits every single day. I am content.

Today, I realize how having the natural ability to magnetically draw others is a blessing and I am grateful for this gift. I try to conscientiously use this ability to bring light into the lives of others.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What does “charisma” mean to me?
  2. Who do I know whom I believe has charisma? Could I emulate their ways?
  3. How can I conduct myself in a way that appeals to others and draws them to me?
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