I help others whenever I can.

I help others whenever I can.

Whenever a situation arises where someone requires assistance, I always try to help.

Collecting Money

Providing aid to others broadens my own horizons.

I might learn how to do something new. I may experience new feelings. I even stand to make a new friend. Most of these things happen to me in an average day because I help others whenever possible.

There are times when others decline my help. That is okay with me because I know that, at least, I made some effort to assist them.

Sometimes, people directly ask me to give a helping hand. I am pleased they look to me for support.

My life is enriched because I dedicate part of myself to helping others. Sometimes, I learn a new skill by assisting others. Then, I feel confident and proud.

The person I am today exists because I extend my hand to others.

As a giving person, I set a good example for those around me. Regardless of the situation, I can step in and make a difference for someone else, as well as myself, simply by helping others.

Today, my plan is to focus on observing others around me to determine when and how I can be of service.

Because I am filled with positive feelings each time I help another person, I vow to keep helping others as often as possible.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I consider myself a helpful person? Why or why not?
  2. When was the last time I helped someone else? How did I feel afterwards?
  3. What changes must I make in order to be more helpful to others?
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