I learn from all of my experiences.

I learn from all of my experiences.

I am grateful for all of my experiences. Each experience provides the opportunity to learn something new. When I take full advantage of this fact, my life gets better in every way.


Others may choose to feel bad about negative events, but I prefer to ask myself, “What can I learn from this?” By doing this, I immediately focus on the potential benefits.

I find that negative experiences have more potential to provide insight. When things go well, we tend to celebrate, but when things go poorly, we tend to ponder.

I learn from my mistakes and resolve to avoid these same errors in the future.

Eliminating mistakes has a very positive impact. I feel like the brakes have finally been released.

I avoid feeling bad when I make an error. It is simply another way to learn and grow. I find it useful to spend a few minutes each week reviewing my life and seeking ways to make wiser choices. My life is flourishing.

Today, I am open to all new experiences. I am brave and capable. I am learning and growing from every event, situation, and choice I make.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What mistakes do I continue to repeat?
  2. How would my life be better if I actively learned from my errors?
  3. What experiences have I avoided because I am worried about making mistakes?
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