I like the way I handle stressful situations.

I like the way I handle stressful situations.

I do not fear stressful situations because I know I handle them in a healthy and productive way. I feel good about the way I handle stressful situations because I am strong and accomplished.

Overwhelmed woman

I take pride that I can rise to the top when there is a situation that is difficult to handle.

I am able to remain calm and assess the problem at hand quickly and effectively. I intuitively understand what is going on and what needs to happen in order to resolve the problem quickly. I have a skilled and steady hand that can overcome any tense dilemma.

Taking charge of challenging situations and delegating responsibilities to others is my specialty. My strong suit in life is how I am able to handle stressful situations with ease.

Today I will take on any challenges that arise and I do so with patience and diligence. I take pride in how I handle challenging circumstances and I will take necessary measures to smooth out difficulties.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How comfortable do I feel in handling stressful situations?
  2. Who will I delegate responsibilities to during times of stress?
  3. How am I able to use my strengths?
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