I love my body more each day

I love my body more each day

How I take care of myself is an expression of how I feel about myself. One of the most basic ways I show love to myself is to cherish and take care of my physical body. I love my body more each day.
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I ponder all the things my physical being does for me. The list is never-ending. I can walk and communicate with others. My mind allows me to think. My skin is soft and clear. Performing everyday tasks is easy because I have coordination. My body takes good care of me.

Even though it may sound strange to say,

My body is always there for me, my physical being withstands all that life brings.

My body deals with heat and cold to protect me. It experiences pain to tell me that something needs to be changed. And it works hard when I need it to. I love my body because it helps me live the life I choose.

When I consider a less-than-positive choice regarding my physical self, I am reminded of everything my body does for me. Then, I reconsider: do I really want to eat fast food instead of a nutritious meal? Is skipping exercise two days in a row the best choice for my body? Is staying out late and getting up early the next day good for me?

Today, I am in awe of my body’s strength and stamina. I re-commit to take the best care of my body that I can and to consider my physical self before making decisions. I pledge to love my body more each day.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I feel about my body?
  2. Am I in touch with the ways in which my body protects me and “works” for me every single day?
  3. What prevents me from loving my body?
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