I make an effort to mend relationships from my past

I make an effort to mend relationships from my past

I know I have the skills to mend relationships from the past. Some relationships are inherently challenging, so I recognize that there may be times when unfortunate situations develop between me and another person.

Nonetheless, I refuse to allow these challenging occurrences to deter me from doing whatever I can to mend the relationship.

It is important for me to feel that I make efforts to heal old hurts.

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I could just walk away from troubling events I experience with other people. This seems easy. During those times, I tell myself, “It doesn’t matter.” However, I realize that some relationships do matter. Some are worth the time and effort it takes to mend them.

To lighten my heart, I decide to at least try to bring healing to a relationship. Otherwise, I may never know the blessings I might have received from continuing my bond with them.

When a challenging situation occurs between me and someone else, I give myself time to think about what happened. I openly consider my role in the situation. Reflecting on whether I made an error helps me learn what to do when similar events happen in the future. Going forward, I can handle conflict differently.

Today, I make efforts to mend relationships important to me. The value of a relationship far surpasses the effort required to heal it. I recognize this important idea and reflect it in my actions as I work to make amends.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Is it important to me to make an effort to heal old relationships?
  2. Do I tend to just walk away when I get hurt in relationships?
  3. How can I ensure I give every relationship my best shot?
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