I make time to pursue exploits that I am passionate about.

I make time to pursue exploits that I am passionate about.

The things in life that I am passionate about get my undivided attention at the appropriate time. Spending time on my passions allows me to be more centered and balanced.

new horizons

I am happier when I am able to balance responsibilities and passions.

I am passionate about helping people, so I commit to spending time identifying ways that I can offer my assistance. I recognize the difference I can make in peoples’ lives when I give a little of myself.

Knowing that I can make a difference inspires me to keep giving.

Including the activities I am passionate about in my day to day exploits helps to keep me relaxed and mentally clear. As a result, I am better able to handle difficult, stressful situations because I make time for things I enjoy.

I am passionate about my family and their continued happiness and well-being. It is my ongoing focus to ensure their needs are met and I enjoy doing whatever I can to encourage, help, and support them.

Today, I re-commit to making time to pursue my passions.

Looking at my calendar, I know I can find more space in my daily routines to focus on things that bring me real joy and satisfaction. I recognize that it is the best way for me to maintain balance and live a more fulfilling life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I explore new activities that I could possibly add to my list of passions?
  2. How do I share my passions with my loved ones?
  3. How can I schedule more time to pursue my passions?
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