I make up for lost time by being efficient

I make up for lost time by being efficient

I agree with the saying that “time waits for no one.” Past experiences show me the folly of procrastinating and wasting time.

stopwatch with time for action on face

Now, my focus on a day to day basis is efficiency.

I avoid taking time for granted by using every opportune moment to work towards personal or professional goals.

I know that external factors can come into play and disrupt my game plan, but I avoid allowing challenging circumstances to cause a shift of focus. Certainly the easiest thing to do when my mission is delayed is to give up, but I realize that such a response brings an outcome other than what I desire. So I renew my focus.

In such situations, being temporarily sidetracked means that I have the opportunity to resume my mission efficiently. I see it as an opportunity to come up with a new way to work faster, better, and produce a more superior result.

Making up for lost time is something I do without complaining because I always focus on what I want to see waiting for me at the end of the tunnel.

Today, I commit to keep going. I know that my spirit of perseverance can only result in reaping good rewards at the end of the road.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When I feel like giving up, what helps me to persevere?
  2. Do I encourage others who feel all is lost to keep going?
  3. How do I feel when my efforts reap desired results?
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