I open my heart.

I open my heart.

I dismantle the barriers to unconditional compassion and love.


Tender feelings help me to connect with my true nature and that of the world around me. I am grateful for all the good things in my life. I acknowledge the struggles that everyone goes through, including my own. I accept all my emotions.

When my heart is awakened, I feel more generous. I look for ways to help others. At the same time, I am gentle with myself when I fall short of my ideals.

I analyze the things I value. I see where I am clinging to material goods. I work towards finding security in spiritual values and my relationships with others.

I extend my love. I think of the warm feelings I have for family and friends. I try to transfer that affection to strangers and even to the people who I believe have wronged me.

I question my assumptions and become eager to respond in new ways to familiar challenges. When someone makes a hurtful comment, I restore harmony rather than harboring a grudge.

I look for the good qualities in myself and others.

Being critical just makes me more irritable. Offering kindness helps me to receive more in return. Whatever happens, a cheerful attitude lifts my own spirits.

Today, I possess the courage to be vulnerable. I allow my heart and mind to open. I love and accept myself and others.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I practice seeing with my heart?
  2. What kinds of situations make me want to harden my heart?
  3. How can I honor the truth with my thoughts, words, and actions?
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