I overcome my fear of confrontation to enjoy the benefit of resolution

I overcome my fear of confrontation to enjoy the benefit of resolution

I accept confrontation when necessary because speaking up about my feelings keeps my relationships healthy. Peaceful confrontation is a necessary element in mutually respectful relationships.
Coach arguing with referee

Whether I speak to someone about a matter or someone brings up a matter to me, I step up to the plate with courage.

I choose to view confrontation as a tool to voice my opinions, give others insight about my feelings, and gain an increased understanding of the feelings of others.

Although the word confrontation may have a negative connotation and stir up feelings of anger, I choose to see it as a bridge to resolution. Confrontation is only a path to travel from a negative situation to peaceful resolution.

I welcome confrontation with joy because, when a person wants to confront me, it means they care enough about our relationship to clear the air about a misunderstanding.

I have the courage to engage in confrontation. My needs are worthy of being voiced.

I have the ability to keep confrontation light by going in with an open mind. I erase preconceived notions and listen clearly.

I enjoy peaceful resolution by focusing on the misunderstanding or offending action rather than attacking the individual. I maintain my composure with patience because my goal is to come to an agreement that benefits both parties, instead of trying to win the argument.

Today, I choose to embrace confrontation with courage as a positive tool for peaceful resolution. Achieving peaceful relationships is absolutely worth the potential discomfort of a confrontation.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Have I been putting off a necessary confrontation?
  2. How can I keep confrontation light?
  3. What are the benefits of resolving conflict?
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