I protect my emotions.

I protect my emotions.

The emotions I experience are normal. I realize that I have a right to feel however I feel. Usually I am upbeat and satisfied about how my day goes. Yet, there are times when certain events occur which set my emotions in a direction that lacks positivity.

Sometimes, I feel hurt about something someone says to me. They may treat me in a way that annoys me. Perhaps I notice something unexpected that triggers feelings of disappointment or anger.

When these situations occur, I remind myself that such events are a part of life and that I am the only one responsible for how I feel. I consciously decide to adjust my feelings.


I have confidence that I can control my emotions when a situation requires it.

In an uncomfortable situation, I can protect myself by quietly leaving the room. I can excuse myself to get a beverage or I can mention there is something I must take care of. Refraining from making comments regarding the triggering event is usually best for me. This allows me to avoid further negative feelings of distress.

Today, I know I can take useful steps to protect my feelings. My perseverance and strength of character ensure I can turn uncomfortable emotions into positive ones. I live a contented life because I protect my emotions when it is necessary.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How often do I find myself feeling upset about something that happened in my day?
  2. What steps do I take to protect my emotional self when such events occur?
  3. How can I change how I react to negative situations?
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