I reach out to others when I need help

I reach out to others when I need help

Going through life’s changes brings many challenges. And sometimes, my path to success might seem blocked. If I find myself feeling frustrated or misunderstood, I go to others for guidance and support.
Woman giving feedback to another woman
When I seek assistance, I have faith that my needs can be met.

Because I have trust in my friends and loved ones, I anticipate their wise counsel.

I have struggled through tough times alone and on my own, so I know what it feels like to avoid asking for help. Sometimes I think it is those very experiences that drive me in my quest for help and guidance now.

Receiving help from others enhances my ability to function optimally. It is possible to preserve my dignity and receive guidance, too. I have no hesitation in asking others for assistance.

Asking others for help is the wise thing to do. After all, being able to identify when I actually could use some extra information is smart. I have come to the conclusion that reaching out to help and be helped by others simply makes sense.

Today, I renew my efforts to recognize when I can benefit from guidance and support provided by others and feel confident in seeking the help I need.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I reach out to others when I need help? If not, why not?
  2. How can I feel confident about asking others for guidance and support?
  3. What are the benefits to me of asking for help?
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