I receive great joy from helping those who are in need during the holidays.

I receive great joy from helping those who are in need during the holidays.

Each holiday season, there are people in need. Because I have much, I give to those who have little. Money is only one way I give. I give of my time and talents, as well as monetary donations. When I give to others, I help them feel joy and happiness throughout their holidays.


Some people are alone during the holidays, but my presence brings them cheer. Sometimes, a smile is enough to help someone get through a rough time. No matter what I feel I lack at times, there are always people who have less. Helping them see the joy in life also helps me see great joy and beauty.

My own happiness and peace are my rewards for helping others.

Happiness is free and joy is abundant. I gently remind people of these things so they experience more of them in their lives. What I do is important and it matters to them as well as me. Helping others gives my life purpose and fulfillment.

When I am happy, others want what I have. They see my joy and they are curious about where I got it. When I share my smiles with them, they experience happiness for themselves. Joy and peace flow out of me in abundance.

Today, I take my joy from the service I give to people who need a helping hand.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I give more to needy people during the holiday season?
  2. Are there ways I can encourage more people to give of themselves?
  3. How can I keep that giving spirit throughout the year?
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