I refrain from criticizing myself

I refrain from criticizing myself

It is important to know myself well. While I am aware of my own shortcomings, I vow to work tirelessly to improve myself in whatever ways I think necessary. And when I fall short of my own expectations, I refrain from criticizing myself.
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Although I must recognize the improvements I make in order to live a life free from emotional turmoil, I avoid self-blame and criticism when I make a mistake. Instead, I think about how I can alter my behaviors and decisions in the future.

I accept that every member of the human family is occasionally met with challenges. And I sometimes experience situations that trouble me. However, I vow to avoid finding fault with myself.

Refraining from criticizing myself is an indication of self-love.

I treat myself with respect and care.

I am a happier person because I accept myself for who I am and recognize that criticizing myself would be a form of self-sabotage.

When I believe I have made an error, I reflect on the situation. I examine why I made the choices I made, I tell myself I can do better next time, then I strive for success.

I realize that criticizing myself is counterproductive to living a positive, focused life filled with confidence and optimism. Therefore, I refrain from finding fault with myself. I move forward in life through strength that is continually renewed from weathering challenges.

Today, I plan to record in a journal how I am uplifted whenever I refrain from criticizing myself. I reflect on all the benefits I enjoy when I avoid finding fault with myself.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When am I most likely to criticize myself?
  2. What are some positive things I can do instead of finding fault with myself?
  3. Why is avoiding self-criticism so important?
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