I rejoice in my inner beauty.

I rejoice in my inner beauty.

I have many valuable personal qualities. I have abundant patience and respect for others. I am kind and caring toward the people I encounter. I consider the opinions of others, even if I disagree. I listen well and take everyone’s feelings into account.


It is important to me to be pleased with the person I am.

Noticing the good in others helps me stay positive and shows my goodness to them. Offering assistance without being asked and staying quiet when I disagree are qualities I exhibit daily. I put my heart and soul into considering the needs of other people.

I believe that doing these things cleanses my soul and helps me in my quest for cultivating my inner beauty.

Having inner beauty helps me behave with grace and joy.

Although I do these things because I want to be a worthwhile human being, I see that others notice my inner beauty as well.

It brings me great personal satisfaction to know people appreciate my choices and actions. My friends and family members call on me when they are in a crisis or need help. They trust I can be supportive and understanding of them.

Today, I feel positive about my character. I am thankful for who I am. I take pride in my inner beauty. Recognizing my worth compels me to be the best person I can be each day.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I believe I have inner beauty?
  2. Who do I know with bountiful inner beauty? How can I use their example to enhance my own beauty?
  3. How can I show others more of my inner beauty?
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