I renounce the urge to control those around me

I renounce the urge to control those around me

When I have the desire to control others, I find that it is usually because I feel out of control myself. In such situations, I stop and reflect on what is compelling me to want to control them.

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I stand up to the fear that tries to convince me that no one else is trustworthy. Facing my fears, I free myself to place my trust in someone else. Others may not do things the same as I, but I can trust them to complete tasks with their own passion and style.

I put a stop to the pride that insists I know better than anyone else.

I force myself to step back and be quiet when others are leading because, in the end, I learn from the experiences of others. Welcoming a variety of viewpoints increases my expertise.

I unmask the lie that hides behind a helpful façade. At times, I think that by controlling others, I am indeed helping them do a better job. I shake off that deceptive thought because controlling others deprives them from growing.

I renounce the urge to control those around me because it strains relationships. By giving people a chance to do things their way, I affirm positive, beneficial relationships and build others up.

Today, I choose to value and respect those around me as intelligent individuals with something to offer. I choose to think of myself as an equal and not a superior to the people in my life. I face the fear and pride in the depths of my heart to improve my relationships.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What drives me to want to control others?
  2. Is there something I am trying to hide by controlling the actions of others?
  3. How can I begin to trust people?
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