I see change as opportunity

I see change as opportunity

The prospect of change can trigger many different emotions. As I have matured, I have grown to view change as a chance to experience something new, different, and even better in life.
street sign saying change ahead
Change invigorates me. I am positively challenged by the idea that transitions allow me to have new experiences. Change provides a golden opportunity for renewal.

Change brings a new time, a new day for me. I remind myself to carefully evaluate all aspects of an approaching transition.

I openly receive change so I can have a fresh start in a work or personal situation.

I welcome change for the adventure that it brings.

Sometimes, I think my life is going just fine and then my old friend, change, comes along. Even in those situations, I ultimately choose to accept the change. I am excited and curious about what a transition has in store for me.

I consider the idea that, with change, my life can improve. I am confident and optimistic of even more joy and contentment from embracing change. After the transition occurs, satisfaction and acceptance follows. I take advantage of the opportunities that change provides.

Today, I reflect on current changes that are happening and those that are about to occur. I vow to allow myself time to plan how I can take full advantage of these opportunities.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I view change as an opportunity for my life to become better? If so, how? If not, why not?
  2. What is it about change that scares me, makes me angry, or causes me to feel sad?
  3. How can I work toward embracing change?
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