I seek solutions.

I seek solutions.

My thoughts are focused on the future. I use my strengths and resources to build a brighter tomorrow. I am more concerned with responding constructively to events rather than analyzing their causes. I care about what happens from now on instead of dwelling on what occurred yesterday.


I am open to change. I know that if I want to produce different results, I need to adjust my behavior. I have the courage and determination to make a new start.

I assess my life and focus on the positive aspects. I let go of absolute thinking. I know that even if my supervisor criticizes my performance, there are still many tasks that I do well. I identify my best assets and use them to create strategies that I can apply more broadly.

I search for solutions that are realistic for me.

I design approaches that match my abilities and budget.

I celebrate small victories. I know that modest steps can add up to substantial gains. Mopping the kitchen floor gets me started towards having a cleaner house. Losing a few pounds a month could mean wearing a smaller dress size by summer.

I track my progress. Getting ahead motivates me to set new goals. I keep striving to climb higher.

Today, I reorient my thinking. I focus on realistic solutions that bring me closer to my ideal future.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How does my outlook shift when I focus on solutions rather than the obstacles?
  2. What is already working well in my life and how can I build upon it?
  3. Why is it important for me to collaborate with others on developing solutions?
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