I share my creative thoughts with others to achieve a greater result.

I share my creative thoughts with others to achieve a greater result.

I am a firm believer that the best work is created by applying the concept of teamwork. The amount and quality of work increase greatly when you merge the ideas and creativity of multiple people.


I share my unique thoughts with others to achieve our greater goals.

I recognize my work environment is very competitive and I do what I can to encourage healthy competition. I participate in competition from time to time, but I avoid putting my own success above that of the team.

When I notice competition becoming brutal, I attempt to discourage it. I remind others that some of the greatest inventions in the world arose from collaboration of great minds.

I remind myself and others that success of the team is more fulfilling than success of the individual members.

In group projects, I shy away from taking credit for our work. However, I use my mind in a way that makes me feel proud of myself.

When the group does well with input from all parties, I also feel great pride. I gladly accept acknowledgement for the part I played. However, I refrain from seeking recognition.

Today, I use my mind to create life-changing ideas. I also take the time to consider how those ideas can help make my workplace, home, and the world better.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I sometimes promote my idea over the idea of someone else?
  2. Am I confident enough to share my creative thoughts with others?
  3. Do I participate in exercises to keep my mind sharp?
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