I speak easily and truthfully.

I speak easily and truthfully.

I find that life is much easier when I am truthful. Telling the truth is natural for me. I find it easy and comfortable to be honest and use honesty as a tool to foster more meaningful communication.


Dishonesty has a tendency to cause smaller challenges to grow into larger challenges. When I tell the truth, I diffuse potential negative outcomes quickly.

It can be uncomfortable to tell the truth in certain situations. At those times, I take a deep breath and simply speak the truth. This serves me well. The issue is resolved quickly and I am proud of myself for taking the honest path.

Others respect me for my truthfulness. They know they can trust me and believe what I say. I have a history of honesty and enjoy more friends and confidants because of my willingness to be straightforward.

I find it easy to give my opinion.

I enjoy communicating my thoughts and ideas to others.

I am more likely to get what I need when I am open with others.

Today, I choose to be honest in all situations. I give my opinion easily when asked and permit others to speak easily as well.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When has dishonesty come back to bite me?
  2. With whom do I need to be more honest?
  3. What is the worst that could happen if I started being more honest?
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