I start each day with joy and excitement.

I start each day with joy and excitement.

I rise easily each day because my life is so exciting. I wake up with joy in my heart.


In the past, I have struggled to get out of bed.

But my life is different now. I am living in a way that ensures I am excited to start my day. I have many things to look forward to.

My life is on the right path and my enthusiasm is at an all-time high. I can accomplish anything.

Before retiring each night, I remind myself about all the wonderful and exciting things in my life. I do the same when I first wake up. It only takes a few minutes before I leap out of bed, ready to take on the day! My life is much more interesting this way.

This momentum carries me through the day. When my morning goes well, my whole day goes well. Starting the morning with joy and excitement is a powerful way to live.

Today, I feel a renewed enthusiasm. I am the poster child for joy and excitement. I am helping others to live their lives joyfully as well.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What am I excited about in my life right now?
  2. How can I bring even more joy and excitement into my life?
  3. Do I currently start each day with joy and excitement?
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