I stay away from gossip

I stay away from gossip

Woman whispering in another woman's ear
I stay away from gossip because it is detrimental to my relationships. Gossip is a toxic substance that hurts everyone involved. In the garden of beautiful blooming relationships, gossip is like a poison that causes them to wilt.

When someone walks up to me and brings up someone, I quickly praise the person and say something positive about him or her to show the gossiper I have no interest in negativity.

I thwart the divisive effects of gossip through kindness.

I have the power to change the subject when the person I am speaking with starts to gossip.

People who gossip generally do so out of a lack of self-worth. By asking the gossiper questions about their own lives, I communicate a sincere interest in them.

My genuine friendship meets other’s need for validation and helps them to realize they can be thought of highly without having to put others down. As I ask questions of the gossiper, I stay in control of the conversation by focusing on them.

In cases where the talker insists on gossiping, I have the courage to speak up about my feelings. I bluntly state that I avoid talking about people behind their backs. Ultimately, I walk away from people who refuse to be kind.

Today, I choose to speak positively about all people the same way I would want them to speak about me. I try my best to steer people away from gossipy conversations and walk away from those who insist on gossiping.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What is a good topic I can change the subject to if I find myself in gossip?
  2. What drives people to gossip?
  3. How does gossip hurt others?
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