I stay positive and avoid downturns during the winter

I stay positive and avoid downturns during the winter

I stay positive all winter long, and I avoid downturns because I have great joy. Spring is coming! Until it arrives, I enjoy the activities that the cooler weather provides to me.
child snow skilling

I like winter.

I enjoy plenty of activities that I can do indoors. I love reading great books and spending wonderful times bonding with friends and family. I also savor the moments I spend alone, relaxed and cozy under a blanket by the fireplace.

When I look for the good things about winter, I notice them all around me. I find the beauty in a frost or snow covered outdoor setting. A warm bowl of soup or hot chocolate brings a smile to my face each winter day.

Snow and cold weather bring a new, fresh look and feel to my world. Each season has its’ own unique beauty. I appreciate the beauty of every season of the year. The world changes, just as I change. I value the seasons in my own life, and winter is beautiful in so many ways.

Because I recognize the beauty in the changing of the seasons, I also recognize the beauty in the changing of my own seasons of life. There is great value in change, and I embrace the blessings that change brings. In winter, I choose to celebrate change!

Today, I focus on the beauty of winter and the refreshing chill it brings. I look forward to the renewing of spring, but I am refreshed by winter’s cool, cleansing air that signals fresh new beginnings.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What is great about winter?
  2. What indoor activities do I find relaxing?
  3. How can I notice more of the beauty of winter to fuel a positive attitude each day?
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