I stay positive when circumstances seem grim.

I stay positive when circumstances seem grim.

Reality is more than just my perception. The truth is what I choose to believe about what I perceive. The eyes of my soul see clearly through the lens of faith, regardless of what my physical eyes see.

Overwhelmed woman

When the world around me gets grim, I stay calm because the eyes of faith allow me to see beyond apparent circumstances. Although I may initially perceive negativity, I find something positive in every situation.

A dead end to most people is the beginning of a new opportunity for me to be creative.

When I face an obstacle, I immediately pray for peace of mind. My ability to have a positive attitude in times of crisis begins with inner peace.

Prayer is more than just a last resort when I have run out of options; it is the first place I turn. Through the darkest of times, I find comfort in knowing that there is enough grace for me to walk through whatever situation I experience.

I can be positive in the midst of grim circumstances because I focus on the lesson to be learned, rather than the price to be paid. I am thankful for the difficult moments in life because those are the ones that help me grow.

Today, I choose to be a ray of hope in the darkness by finding any trace of positivity and magnifying it. I turn to prayer as my lifeline even when I would rather succumb to my fears.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What lesson can I learn from the situations I find myself in today?
  2. What is the role of prayer in adjusting my attitude?
  3. How is perception a choice? What do I choose to see when I look at my life?
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