I strive to be in control of my emotions.

I strive to be in control of my emotions.

Each day, I am faced with different situations that evoke various emotions. In some cases, the emotions include excitement and joy, while in others they include shock and sadness. Either way, I recognize how important it is to be in control of my emotions.

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I realize that maintaining control of my emotions allows me to keep situations under control.

A situation can quickly get out of hand if I allow my emotions to affect my composure. I know that I can still have healthy emotions without allowing them to negatively affect those around me.

When one of my kids gets injured, my first instinct is to express sadness and worry because I am distressed by the fact that my loved one is hurt. But I know that if I lose my composure, my children and others around them may start to panic.

Instead, I encourage calmness.

When an employee is insubordinate, my first instinct is to express anger because the person is out of line. However, I know that I have the responsibility to show strong, positive leadership skills without losing respect for my subordinates.

Today, I strive to control my emotions instead of letting them control me. When I am in control, I allow myself to express my emotions when the time and place are right.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Are there times when I am unable to keep my emotions in check?
  2. Do I feel that striving to maintain control of my emotions makes me stronger?
  3. How can I strengthen my skills in successfully handling my emotions?
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